Hadie’s Box – The Gifts Of ADHD

Hadie looks into a grey puddle. All around, the world is blossoming with colour, love and energy, but Hadie doesn’t notice. She has seen a book discarded on the floor and desperately wants to reach down, grab the leather-bound volume and begin reading. However, something keeps stopping her. She is hyper-focused on the puddle andContinue reading “Hadie’s Box – The Gifts Of ADHD”

Personifiying My ADHD Mind – Please Understand Me!

Everything is as vivid as the first flower of spring, which, like organic fire, pierces the frozen ground on its tenacious effort to feel the first rays of infant sunshine. Also, everything is cluttered like the studio of a scattered artist, who, like a tornado of insatiable creativity, tries desperately to draw linear compositions, yetContinue reading “Personifiying My ADHD Mind – Please Understand Me!”

My Favourite ADHD-Friendly Fidgets For Children & Adults

Fidget Spinner The almost ubiquitous fidget spinner, which seemed to take the world by storm a few years ago, has been largely forgotten; the plastic and metal toys are now more often than not discarded, lost under unforgiving sofas. Yet, as anyone who knows me will tell you, my fidget spinner is always close toContinue reading “My Favourite ADHD-Friendly Fidgets For Children & Adults”

My No-Procrastination Bottle (NO-PRO-BO)

Like so many people with ADHD, I do tend to procrastinate if I am not enjoying the task in hand. Even though my business is my life, there are some things about it which I don’t enjoy, keeping up with fee reminders and general administration duties being two of them. There are also things whichContinue reading “My No-Procrastination Bottle (NO-PRO-BO)”

Hello ADHD!

ADHD was dancing along the street, fuelled by a creative whirlwind, when she bumped into another mind. ‘Hello, great to see you on such a busy day!’ she exclaimed excitedly, watching everything around her with such fascination she found it hard to give the new mind complete attention. ‘Good morning,’ the other mind replied inContinue reading “Hello ADHD!”

The Two-Sided (Or Multi-Sided) Coin

As you are probably aware, if you have been following this blog since its conception last Thursday, I have become hyper-focused on it. Hyperfocus. That four-syllable word which is flung around the internet like a beanbag of perpetual fascination – the flip-side, the antithesis of chronic distraction. As I sit writing this, I am bittenContinue reading “The Two-Sided (Or Multi-Sided) Coin”

Living With A Fast Mind

Finding out I have ADHD was almost like the missing puzzle piece. For so many years, I had danced through life surrounded by a world I thought everyone perceived in the way I do. I’d always thought everyone found meaning in everything, made stories out of everything, saw magic in anything and everything… Then, aContinue reading “Living With A Fast Mind”

Enjoying Creativity!

When I was younger, I was often found lying on the floor surrounded by a myriad of art materials: pens, pencils and paints! Always told off for being untidy, even now I secretly wish I could escape to a room full of wonderfully colourful art supplies where creativity is unlimited and materials never run out!Continue reading “Enjoying Creativity!”

Getting Ideas Down On Paper!

The three words which define my business have never changed! Imagination, inspiration, innovation: these lead my insatiable brain to discover more as I constantly search for links between the never-ending stimuli taken in by my hungry senses! ‘I suppose that’s where it all begins. In the flicker of an idea which, like a vivid firework,Continue reading “Getting Ideas Down On Paper!”