Getting Ideas Down On Paper!

The three words which define my business have never changed! Imagination, inspiration, innovation: these lead my insatiable brain to discover more as I constantly search for links between the never-ending stimuli taken in by my hungry senses! ‘I suppose that’s where it all begins. In the flicker of an idea which, like a vivid firework,Continue reading “Getting Ideas Down On Paper!”

Learning To Plan & Planning To Learn

Administration makes me come out in a rash! It’s boring, repetitive and greys my brain quicker than a thunderstorm at a picnic. However, in order to run a business, I have to do it and, therefore, I have developed techniques to make the process somewhat more bearable! 1) I listen to isochronic music: TheseContinue reading “Learning To Plan & Planning To Learn”

Finding ACTION in distrACTION

The world is a distracting place. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings work together in their insentient intent to disturb us from our focus and send us twirling down a pathway filled with rainbow creativity possibly best illustrated by the crayons of a five year old.  Technology isn’t distracted. Computers work in their mundane universe,Continue reading “Finding ACTION in distrACTION”