Annabel is currently offering limited amounts of free coaching to build her portfolio. If you would be interested in this, please contact Annabel on the form below.

The Chestnut Coaching Programme is available to those with diagnosed or suspected ADHD in session lengths of 30 minutes. Annabel is an experienced coach and has been helping young people develop confidence and self-belief for over seven years through her private tuition and coaching business, Bedford Tutor.  Since receiving her ADHD diagnosis, Annabel has been helping many other ADHDers develop skills and strategies to help them in everyday life and she hopes to continue this through Chestnut Coaching. Annabel is proud to have a Diploma in Life Coaching (with Distinction) as well as numerous other awards related to child development and psychology. Over Autumn she is also completing ‘Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training’ a course which is registered with the IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Association). Through completing this, Annabel aims to gain more skills which can be applied in Chestnut Coaching Sessions.

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